Hey Mamma: Pizza Sitges

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Hey Mamma: Pizza Sitges

Hey Mamma is a new pizzeria in Sitges that aims to become the reference in pizzas in this city. We have years of experience offering the best pizza service in the city of Barcelona and, now we have decided to go a little further, implementing a new pizzeria in the beautiful city of Sitges.

Thanks to our experience, we are experts in the daily artisanal elaboration of thin-artisanal pizzas. Similarly, we offer a careful selection of fresh products of the highest quality so you can enjoy the taste of an authentic pizza without put aside your health.

At Hey Mamma we always make our masses by hand, which, combined with the carefully selected fresh ingredients, will make your meal an irresistible pleasure for all your senses. In Hey Mamma we are committed to the food culture of each individual, always betting on a healthy life and respect for the environment.

Handmade pizzas in Sitges

In Hey Mamma we are passionate about pizzas, and we are dedicated to what we like. In our pizzeria in Sitges, we prepare all the masses daily in a totally handmade way. If you are also a fan of this famous Italian dish, you cannot miss our wide range of artisanal pizzas.

We have pizzas for all tastes, and that is how the nonna would say: “I gusti sono gusti!” Or, as our grandma would say: “Colours to suit every taste ”. There are people for all tastes and for that reason our mission has always been to offer enough variety, so that, in this way, all our customers can enjoy a new variety of pizza every time they come to our place or want food at home in Sitges.

Pizza Delivery in Sitges

If you are looking for a place to eat in Sitges or want to order pizza for delivery to your home in Sitges, you are in the right place. At Hey Mamma we like to be constantly growing and meet the needs of all our customers day after day. Our mission is that every time you order a pizza delivery in Sitges with us, you will have a unique experience of flavor and freshness.

We want to become your pizzeria in Sitges as a reference, so do not hesitate and give us the opportunity to surprise you. In this way, if at any time you get a craving for pizza but you don’t want to leave your house, you just have to come to us and a delivery man will deliver it to your door as soon as possible.

Do you fancy a pizza delivery in Sitges? Call us, request one of our delicious delivery pizzas and in less than you think, a delivery man will be knocking at your door.

We really believe that we offer one of the best pizza deals in Sitges, and that is that we are new in the city, but we have a long pizza experience in Barcelona.

If you want to treat yourself and enjoy a delicious Italian dish, come and meet Hey Mamma and try the wide range of pizzas that we offer you. If otherwise, you prefer that we bring you the pizza to the door of your house, call us, tell us what pizza you want and in no time at all, one of our delivery men will be knocking at your door.